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What Students Are Saying

It teaches you a lot about how to be safe on the Internet.

On social networking sites you learned what information would be safe to give and what would not.

Passport to the Internet is a way to learn by playing games what is safe on the Internet and what is not.

Grade 5 and 6 Students
Near North District School Board

I liked the Instant Pigeon section of the tutorial because I could relate to it the most and it made me feel good that I did well on it.

This program is very informative and overall a great program for learning all about internet safety.

Passport to the Internet was a great way to learn what’s right and what’s wrong on the internet.

My favourite part was the web-café. I liked how you got to choose and figure out whether it is safe or unsafe.

I liked the MyFace section where they taught you how to make a safe profile without sacrificing too much privacy.

The thing I liked most about the website was the MyFace tutorial because I got to make my own profile and see what things were bad to display and what were safe.

I like that the website was interactive. You got to play the life of an avatar and manipulate around the website.

Grade 8 students
Renfrew Catholic School Board

I learned a lot about web safety that I didn’t know about before. I learned some games on the Internet are not really that fun. They are just there for advertisement.


What Educators Are Saying

I LOVE THIS!!!! I LOVE PASSPORT TO THE INTERNET and so do the children…especially grades 5, 6 and 7. The kids can’t wait for their sessions with me. It is has been a huge benefit as a teacher librarian.

Kamloops Thompson School District
British Columbia

There is nothing out there that can compare with what Media Awareness Network is doing.


Passport to the Internet has been a rewarding addition to our program and the teachers and administrators are also pleased with the students’ progress. We are all planning to use Passport to the Internet in our Information Skills classes for the foreseeable future!

Library Media Specialist
Lakeshore Public Schools, Missouri

I’m impressed with how well [Passport to the Internet] aligns with our goals and beliefs about learning.

Director of Curriculum
Battle River, Alberta

Passport to the Internet is a very interactive hands-on experience for kids. I like the fact that it is Canadian-based with Canadian data. It is a must unit that assists in teaching essential literacy skills while appealing to the sophistication and savvy of our kids which have technological competence. Great job!

Safe Schools Coordinator
Renfrew Catholic School Board

I thoroughly enjoyed Passport to the Internet and would not hesitate to use it with my students. There are very few resources out there that tackle these issues and yours is of very high quality.

Teacher / Reviewer
Logiciels Éducatifs (MELS)
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I like the program. It opens up a lot of topics for discussion. Obviously some of the students, most in fact, don’t get this kind of info at home.

Kamloops Thompson School District
British Columbia

The kids love Passport to the Internet, particularly the MyFace module. They didn’t realize what other people have access to and what they can do with it.

Technology Consultant
Sudbury Catholic District School Board

Awesome student resource! Students select an avatar and travel through cyberspace learning the good the bad and the ugly.

Yellowquill School

The students loved the program! They were very disappointed to see it end. A few even tried to get into it from home because they had told their parents about it…and hadn’t realized it was a pilot program. They loved the avatar and how interactive it was. Very engaging and educational.

Teacher Librarian
St. Gregory school

I love Passport to the Internet – it covers a lot of learning expectations.

Toronto Catholic District School board

The material is most definitely tasteful,
well-researched, and skillfully organized.

ICT Coordinator
Manitoba School Division

Passport to the Internet is a great interactive program that imitates real life scenarios that students encounter daily while using the internet. Each interactive tutorial teaches students various literacy and critical thinking skills essential for everyday life. The tutorials are user-friendly and this program allowed students to work at their own pace which is an important part of instructional accommodates for my special education students. The teaching manual had lots of insightful and practical ideas to use in the classroom.

Renfrew Catholic School Board

I previewed Passport to the Internet and loved it! I appreciate the fact that the kids have to create their own profile and are given feedback such as it’s not safe to give everyone the opportunity to view their profile. This is so authentic! It is very interactive and makes the students think before reacting. I am certain that my teachers will love it.

Coordinator of Instructional Resources & Technology
Prince Albert Catholic School Division No. 6

This is an exciting and necessary addition to our curriculum.

School Director

It is truly comprehensive. The content is exactly what we need. Everything is accomplished by having the students use their critical thinking skills. I think this type of self-teaching site is true to the students’ real lives and the teacher can follow their progress as they work through the modules.

ICT Consultant
New Brunswick Department of Education

Passport to the Internet is well-suited to students of Grades 4-8. Each module addressed their respective learning outcomes in a rational and effective manner and left room for exploration and challenged the students. I liked the way the students were kept involved with each module. They were very engaged!

Grade 5 Teacher, Our Lady of Fatima School
Toronto Catholic District School Board

I have a school that is developing a school wide strategy for Information Literacy and Digital Citizenship. They want to use Passport to the Internet as a key resource.

Educational Technology Consultant

It certainly is a great starting point to talk about internet safety and internet literacy.

Kamloops Thompson School District
British Columbia

I looked at Passport online and found it very informative and attractive for our students.

Program Coordinator
Toronto District School Board

I very much like the way students can evolve in this virtual world with an avatar. It’s definitely true to reality. It looks like it is very well made.

ICT Mentor
New Brunswick School District

I found the Teacher’s Guide very useful with suggestions to spark discussions about the various topics such as social networking, instant messaging and online advertising.

The kids were always very anxious to get on the computers and complete the modules. The idea that they collect a code when they have completed a module is very motivating for them.

Near North District School Board

The resource is appreciated and very pertinent and important for our teachers.

Interim Director
Instructional Services, New Brunswick Department of Education

Students found the activities enjoyable and they were fully engaged. Many students learned that they did not know as much as they thought they did. They were not as internet savvy as they had thought. The “How did I do?” and scoring applications provided instant feedback and some “Ah-ha!” moments.

Grade 7 Teacher
Toronto Catholic School Board



An innovative software program is helping Kamloops students learn the cyber-ropes at a young age in an effort to help them stay safe online in the future.

Tim Pertruk
Kamploops This Week
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…while it seems children are becoming Internet savvy at younger and younger ages, there still remains in those heads fragile and impressionable brains that require as much protection as though they were riding a bike. Which is why decision by the Kamloops-Thompson school district to introduce Passport to the Internet is such a good idea.

Kamloops This Week
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