Cyber Choices FAQ

How long does it take to play Cyber Choices?

It will take most students about 30 minutes to play through one of a story’s endings. It is recommended that you give students time to go through each story at their own pace, since the tutorial is designed to reward experimentation and exploring the multiple possible endings to each story that can be reached by making different decisions.

Some students will be faster at completing stories than others. Students who finish a story early should be encouraged to play again to explore more of the game’s content (as students’ choices affect the action of the tutorial, they will only encounter the full content through multiple sessions; however, whether or not students choose to do this, key educational messages are communicated upon completion of a single successful session).

Which devices does Cyber Choices work with?

Cyber Choices can be used on any device that is connected to the internet, runs Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.11 or higher, or Chrome OS, and runs one of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome v22 or later
  • Firefox v17 or later
  • Safari v9 or later
  • Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Microsoft Edge

How do I implement Cyber Choices in my classroom?

Cyber Choices is designed to allow flexibility in how you incorporate it into your classroom. Below are some suggested approaches which you can choose from based on the grade level of your class and the needs of your students. You may also wish to use a mix of different approaches, for instance completing one or more stories as a teacher-led activity and then allowing students to complete the remaining stories independently.

  1. Teacher-led

If you have access to a data projector or interactive whiteboard, you can project Cyber Choices onto a screen and complete it as a class. In this approach, you or a student you designate, will control the tutorial as the class collaborates in completing the different stories and activities. This approach is recommended for younger students.

  1. Pair or Group Work

Depending on the number of computers available, students can complete Cyber Choices in pairs or groups, with each group member acting as a “group leader” for different stories. You may choose to use the worksheets so that students can demonstrate their learning as they complete the stories or as assessment or evaluation tools once they have completed the tutorial. Between stories, you may also choose to have students discuss their experiences as a class.

  1. Remote Delivery

If some or all of your class is being delivered remotely, you may have students complete the stories on their own (or with their parents as homework) or share your screen and conduct a teacher-led session.

  1. As Part of a Comprehensive Digital Literacy Unit

In addition to having students complete the tutorial using one of the approaches above, Cyber Choices could also be the centre of a comprehensive digital literacy unit. This Guide includes introductory and warm-up activities for each story, as well as discussion guides and reflection and extension activities. There are also extension activities that can be used after students have completed the entire tutorial and handouts, activities and tip sheets for students and parents.

Can students play Cyber Choices outside of school?

Students can play Cyber Choices outside of school, though they may need help accessing it for the first time.

How can I monitor my students' progress?

You can monitor your students’ scores and progress by setting up a classroom on MediaSmarts’ secure website for licensed resources at Once you have created a classroom you can either add students individually or import an existing Microsoft Excel data file. Once students have begun playing Cyber Choices, you can easily see which stories they have completed and see either their best or most recent score, as well as their overall progress in the game. You can also download this content as a Microsoft Excel file.

Can students save their spots in a game?

Once you have set up your classroom, students’ progress will be recorded every time they reach one of the story endings. However, if students quit the game before reaching an ending they will have to start over.

Is my students' data safe?

MediaSmarts does not collect students’ personal information. Once you have created a classroom on MediaSmarts’ secure website for licensed resources at, your students’ scores and progress will be recorded there. However, you may choose to use alias’ for your students if you prefer, and all information you record in a classroom will be removed from our server if you delete it.