Cyber Choices (Grades 3-5)

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Cyber Choices is an interactive game designed to help students in grades 3 to 5 develop the skills and habits they need to make safe and responsible choices online. Delivered in an engaging online comic-book format (with accompanying audio to support developing readers), Cyber Choices lets students explore four different stories that cover key issues such as making good choices about their own and others’ personal information, dealing with cyberbullying (as both a target and a witness) and managing online conflict. 

At key moments, students practice their decision-making skills by sorting out the reasons why the character might make one choice rather than another before deciding which way the story will go. Once students have played each story to one of the different possible conclusions, the game prompts students to feel empathy in digital environments by asking them to reflect on how the different people in the story felt about how the story turned out. In a classroom setting, the multiple endings for each story can lead to meaningful classroom discussions after playing.

Cyber Choices includes:

  • an interactive game;
  • a Teacher’s Guide, with detailed instructions on how to play the game, classroom activities and handouts, links to research and resources on the issues covered in the tutorial;
  • the ability to track each student’s progress and evaluate their performance.

This promotional video provides an overview of the Cyber Choices student tutorial.

Annual Licence Fees

PLEASE NOTE: Cyber Choices is only available to the following education organizations and is not available to individuals, community groups or public libraries.

All fees are quoted in Canadian dollars before applicable taxes.

  • Individual School Licence - $350
  • District Licence - $68 per school when all schools in the district that offer grades three to five are included (Minimum fee $350)
  • Faculty of Education Licence - $426
  • University- or College-wide Licence - $625

International licence fees are payable in Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars at the current U.S./Canadian exchange rates.


For information about previewing Cyber Choices or purchasing a licence please contact us:
Telephone 1-613-224-7721
Toll free in Canada 1-800-896-3342
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