The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids Workshop

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your KidsUnderstanding the connected world of kids and teens can be challenging for parents because adults don’t communicate online in the same way and are not necessarily using the same social media. Even more challenging is the reality that there’s always something new coming around the corner.

The purpose of The Parent Network workshop is to help parents better understand how their kids are using social networking and to provide them with tips and tools they can use to help them minimize negative experiences and maximize the positive opportunities that social media has to offer. Post-workshop activities provided in the workshop guide give parents a chance to reflect and build on what they’ve learned in the presentation.

The workshop is designed to be presented in either a school or community setting, as a stand-alone event or as a companion to the Respecting Yourself and Others Online workshop for teens.

The workshop comprises a slide show and facilitators guide.

The Parent Network: Social Media And Your Kids workshop was made possible by financial contributions from Bell.

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The video series The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids

The video series The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids is designed to help you better communicate with your teens, understand common issues, identify any risks, and establish good online rules. Social media can be a great way for your teens to make and connect with friends, and these videos can help you support them as they explore the online world.

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids – The Basics

This video explains why social networks are so attractive to kids and explains how different social networks take different approaches to privacy. It then looks at three essential ground rules for deciding whether or not to let your children join a social network and making sure that their experience is a positive one.

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids – Keeping Your Kids Safe

This video takes a closer look at some of the risks associated with using social networks and gives practical tips and tools for protecting kids from harassment and inappropriate content and teaching them to manage conflict and treat others with respect. It ends with a discussion of ways to keep tabs on what your children are doing without spying on them and tips on setting up effective household rules about how to behave online.