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Promoting the Best in Movies

Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet: 

Great movies can inspire and educate, as well as entertain. Show kids there’s more to films than the formula movies the big studios pump out.

It may not be easy at first. Kids may laugh at the idea of black and white movies and openly rebel at subtitles! But if you persevere, you’ll be amazed at how the magic of an intelligent, well-crafted movie can enthrall even the most jaded kids.

  • Introduce kids to different kinds of films: Hollywood classics, documentaries, foreign films and Canadian movies. If you start when they’re young, it’s much easier to guide their viewing and help them to grow up with a love of good filmmaking.
  • Mine the cinematic resources of your local library. Most offer a selection of classic films on video, and some carry National Film Board (NFB) videos as well (see side bar for the NFB catalogue). You can also view the entire NFB library for free on a computer or using a tablet computer such as the iPad. To view NFB films on the Internet, go to the NFB website (www.nfb.ca); to view it on a tablet you will need to download the free NFB app (https://www.nfb.ca/free-downloads/).
  • If your community offers a children’s film festival, check it out.
  • Encourage kids to create their own films using a low-cost video camera. Nothing stimulates appreciation of an art form more than tackling its practical challenges yourself.