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What Educators and Librarians are Saying

I love the new Flash tutorials for the Web Awareness Workshop Series. They enable library staff to develop their own awareness of these issues through self-paced learning, and they are useful guides for new presenters.

Manager, Branch Consulting
Edmonton Public Library

The Web Awareness workshops are excellent. The material is clear and easy to use and the fact that they are Canadian-based is significant!

Professor, Faculty of Education
St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia

Speaking from someone who has spent countless hours researching the topic of digital literacy over the past three years, these resources are an answer to my prayers! The resources are very well-substantiated with recent research on the topics… all of the big names in internet safety are quoted and referenced. They are extremely relevant and absolutely NECESSARY for schools to start teaching. We can no longer ignore the fact that students need guidance in the digital realm!

British Columbia School District

I was thrilled to see that the learning resources are presenting media topics that are not only parallel to curriculum outcomes, but also relevant to developing student critical thinking, and the development of historical consciousness. I greatly appreciate the efforts the Media Awareness Network has taken in preparing quality resources for educational programming!

Social Studies Consultant
Winnipeg School Division

I previewed the workshops and am very impressed with the content and how it is presented. It was good to see that the stats were all Canadian giving it more demographic authenticity. The whole resource is well organized and sequentially laid out.

Brock University, Faculty of Education
Language Instructor

Web Awareness provides skills that will help students be more informed and literate as they become active participants in the “e-world”. Best in-service session that I have attended. I’m really excited to be part of this.

Elk Island Public School
Director, Instructional Technology Services

I couldn’t be more excited that our province, Alberta, has supported this initiative in our school districts.Web Awareness is a much-needed resource at an opportune time with provincial implementations of ICT curriculum, Language Arts and Library programs in schools.

Calgary Board of Education
Curriculum Specialist (Educational Resources and Services)

I am very impressed with the quality and depth of treatment evident in the Web Awareness Workshop materials and see value in sharing the information with our educators and students.

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Program Development Specialist - Technology Education - Division of Program Development

OTF has been consistently impressed by the work of your organization. In our opinion, both the MNet site and Web Awareness…serve as excellent resources for teachers, especially in this time of decreased professional supports.

Ontario Teachers’ Federation

With MNet as a key partner, this Web Awareness program will give our library substantial resources to make the next generation of library clients knowledgeable Internet users.

Ottawa Public Library
Chief Librarian

Web Awareness is an essential program for the new literacy. All teachers, parents and librarians should use this program.

The Alberta Library
Consortium Librarian

MNet’s presentation was excellent in raising awareness amongst all parents of our children, about the Internet and the potentials and risks it brings. Your statistical data was very well presented and I am very impressed with your web site. Many thanks!

North Vancouver Parent Advisory Council
Reference Librarian