Outcome Chart - Saskatchewan - Law 30

Criminal Law

Specific Expectations
Know that the criminal law is based in written statutes.
Know the rights and responsibilities of citizens in relation to the criminal justice system.
Apply inquiry skills to issues.
Appreciate the nature of the adversarial system.
Contemplate models for addressing criminal behaviours.

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Civil Law

Specific Expectations
Know the similarities and criminal and civil law.
Identify relevant facts from differences between criminal information.
Know that civil law is (CCT, NUM, IL) concerned with compensation for harm done rather than punishment.
Apply law of torts to everyday experiences and relationships.
Identify relevant facts from information.
Appreciate that personal freedom in relationships includes responsibilities associated with standards of care
Appreciate that our legal system and the rule of law are mechanisms for settling wrongs and repairing damage in a non-violent manner.
Appreciate the role of tort law in deterring harmful behaviours.

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Contract Law

Specific Expectations
Know the elements of a valid contract.

Apply criteria for valid contract to common consumer transactions.

Know the position of minors in contract law
Know that consumer protection exists as statute law.
Appreciate the necessity of contracts.

Appreciate the value of consumer protection statutes.
Assess the effectiveness of statute law in providing protection to consumers.

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