Outcome Chart - Ontario - Issues in Canadian Geography 9 Academic CGC 1D

Geographic Inquiry and Skill Development

Overall Expectations

Geographic Inquiry: use the geographic inquiry process and the concepts of geographic thinking when investigating issues relating to Canadian geography;

Specific Expectations

assess the credibility of sources and information relevant to their investigations (e.g., by considering how the data are constructed to support the author’s point of view, the possible bias of the author, the expertise of the author, the accuracy of the text and supporting data, the intended audience, the purpose of the messaging, the context in which the information was presented)

MediaSmarts Resources

Beyond Media Messages: Media Portrayal of Global Development

Bias in News Sources

Finding and Authenticating Online Information on Global Development Issues

Hate or Debate?

Taming the Wild Wiki

Changing Populations

Overall Expectations

Immigration and Cultural Diversity: describe the diversity of Canada’s population, and assess some social, economic, political, and environmental implications of immigration and diversity for Canada

Specific Expectations

evaluate strategies used to address the needs of various immigrant groups within communities (e.g., provision of language training, celebration of traditions from various cultures, provision of cultural and social support services in several languages, addressing hate crimes through community policing and education)

analyse social, political, and economic impacts of Canada’s immigration and refugee policies

MediaSmarts Resources

Bias and Crime in Media

Diversity and Media Ownership

First Person

Miscast and Seldom Seen