Outcome Chart - New Brunswick - You and Your World K

Students as Individuals

K 1.1 demonstrate an understanding of themselves as unique and special

K 1.2 describe their own physical changes and unique characteristics

K 1.7 communicate effectively, solve problems and demonstrate conflict-resolution skills

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K 1.3 identify needs and wants that are common to all children

  • identify the difference between needs and wants
  • give examples of themselves as consumers, satisfying their needs and wants

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Healthy Lifestyles

K 2.2 identify and explain types of activities that support a healthy lifestyle.

  • identify the factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle

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Place and Community

K.4.2 Students will be expected to demonstrate an awareness of safety in the community.

  • identify potentially harmful places and activities

K.4.3 Students will be expected to demonstrate an awareness of the need for personal safety in home, school and community and be able to act accordingly

K.4.4 Students will be expected to identify connections between their community and other communities (local, national, global)