You and Your World

Many curricular expectations in New Brunswick You and Your World courses relate to media and digital literacy. The following excerpts from You and Your World K-2 (2005) detail how media and digital literacy have been integrated into the curriculum:

The You and Your World Curriculum represents an integrative approach to teaching and learning in grades K-2 and supports the emphasis being given to literacy at the primary level. It incorporates outcomes from health, personal development and career planning, science and social studies and replaces the curriculum guides in these areas… Within the strategies are suggestions to support the development of literacy and numeracy skills and authentic links to physical education and the arts. The You and Your World Curriculum builds and expands on cross-curricular skills of communication, inquiry, life-long learning, decision-making, participation, teamwork, and personal management.

On the left menu you will find outcome charts containing media-related learning outcomes from the You and Your World curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site. As many of our lessons can be adapted to suit different grade levels, specific lessons may be listed for more than one grade. Teachers should also note that individual lessons often satisfy a number of learning outcomes.