Research and Evaluation at MediaSmarts

What we do


We design and facilitate qualitative and quantitative research projects to provide a robust evidence base for all our educational resources, public awareness campaigns and policy recommendations. Our research is also taken up by academics across Canada and internationally to support and inform other media and digital literacy research projects.


We design and facilitate internal program and resource evaluations to ensure that all our programs, resources, and materials are effective and evidence-based. MediaSmarts has strong in-house capacity to conduct robust evaluations and our connection with external evaluation partners is also essential to this work.

Policy & Knowledge Mobilization

Our research informs policy development in both the public and private sectors. We mobilize the findings and recommendations from our research and evaluation projects in many ways, including through research reports, white papers, blog posts, opinion editorials, public consultations, testifying before parliamentary committees, conference presentations, media interviews, podcasts, infographics and social media.


Research at MediaSmarts would not be possible without community members, organizations, and academic partners who guide and support our work and call on our expertise to return the favour. We sit on many advisory committees for other research projects across Canada and are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with others in the digital media literacy field.

If you are interested in collaborating with the MediaSmarts research team, please send an email to