Break the Fake Quiz

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Pretty good! Either you’ve seen some of these before, or you got lucky. When it comes to more serious things online, though, it’s almost impossible to tell what’s real just by looking at it. But there is a way to verify things you see online. Learn four quick, easy steps you can use every time at

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Question 1



This photo was taken at a veterinary hospital in Ohio. The pattern on the shell is random, but totally real!

Question 2

Dnger! Squirrels in this area


This was published by The Onion, a satirical news website.

Question 3

Gorilla knitting


Gorillas are smart, but they don’t know how to knit – at least not yet! In the original photo, she’s looking at a picture of another gorilla.

Question 4


Hawaiian monk seals do sometimes get eels stuck in their noses. Don’t worry, marine biologists are on hand to help them.

Question 5

Weasle riding woodpecker


Weasels do sometimes hunt birds by dropping on to them from branches. But don’t worry, the woodpecker was fine.

Question 6

Caution! Beware of redwing blackbirds!


The sign might look fake, but that really happened!

Question 7

multi-coloured squirrel


Adding or changing colour is one of the easiest ways to fake a picture, but the Malabar Giant Squirrel doesn’t need any help! It’s one of the most colourful mammals all on its own.

Question 8


There really are octopuses that small – but this one is made of plastic.