Break the Fake Quiz

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You did about as well as you would if you flipped a coin each time. That’s because it’s almost impossible to tell what’s real online just by looking at it. But there is a way to verify things you see online. Learn four quick, easy steps you can use every time at

You got 4-6 (out of 8 questions)

Question 1


There really are octopuses that small – but this one is made of plastic.

Question 2

Weasle riding woodpecker


Weasels do sometimes hunt birds by dropping on to them from branches. But don’t worry, the woodpecker was fine.

Question 3

Gorilla knitting


Gorillas are smart, but they don’t know how to knit – at least not yet! In the original photo, she’s looking at a picture of another gorilla.

Question 4


Hawaiian monk seals do sometimes get eels stuck in their noses. Don’t worry, marine biologists are on hand to help them.

Question 5



This photo was taken at a veterinary hospital in Ohio. The pattern on the shell is random, but totally real!

Question 6

Caution! Beware of redwing blackbirds!


The sign might look fake, but that really happened!

Question 7

Dnger! Squirrels in this area


This was published by The Onion, a satirical news website.

Question 8

multi-coloured squirrel


Adding or changing colour is one of the easiest ways to fake a picture, but the Malabar Giant Squirrel doesn’t need any help! It’s one of the most colourful mammals all on its own.