Allies and Aliens Teacher's Guide



Allies and Aliens, an interactive module for students in Grades 7 and 8, aims to teach students the basics about bias, stereotyping and hate on the Internet and in other media. It also touches on the importance of authenticating information.

Allies and Aliens characterMost kids aren’t looking for biased or hateful material online, and subtle forms of hate may be difficult to recognize. For this reason, Allies and Aliens uses the pretence of a “mission” to keep players from guessing its true purpose right away. The “mission” is divided into two parts. On Day One, students encounter information with little direction; on Day Two, the module’s purpose becomes apparent.

After the module is completed, students will reflect on their actions, perceptions and awareness on each day. They will learn to evaluate their own attitudes and biases, and to recognize different types of media propaganda and bias.