Outcome Chart - Ontario - History 10 Applied

This chart contains media-related learning outcomes from Ontario, curriculum for History Since World War I, Grade 9 Applied, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

Communities: Local, National, and Global

Overall Expectations

  • analyse the impact of external forces and events on Canada and it policies since 1914

Specific Expectations

  • describe some of the ways in which American culture and politics have influenced Canada since World War I (e.g., movies, magazines, television, the Internet)
  • explain the impact in Canada of the experience and memory or the Holocaust (e.g., immigration of Holocaust survivors; introduction of human rights legislation; policy dealing with hate crimes and Nazi war criminals; nature of response to occurrences of genocide/ethnic cleansing in the world after World War II; participation in International War Crimes tribunal)


Comparing Crime Dramas

Defining Popular Culture

Selling Obesity

Free Speech Versus the Internet

Challenging Hate

Thinking About Hate

Propaganda Techniques on Hate Sites

Methods of Historical Inquiry and Communication

Overall Expectations

  • interpret and analyse information gathered through research, employing concepts and approaches appropriate to historical inquiry

Specific Expectations


  • evaluate the credibility of sources and information (e.g., by considering the authority, impartiality, and expertise of the source and checking the information for accuracy, underlying assumptions, stereotypes, prejudice, and bias)

Interpretation and Analysis

  • distinguish between fact, opinion and inference in texts and visuals found in primary and secondary sources
  • identify different viewpoints and explicit biases when interpreting information for research or when participating in a discussion



Deconstructing Web Pages

ICYou See: A Lesson in Critical Thinking

Thinking About Hate

Hoax? Scholarly Research? Personal Opinion?  You Decide!

Suffragettes and Iron Ladies

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