Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Sociology 12


Overall Expectations

  • Respond with critical awareness to various forms of the arts and be able to express themselves through the arts
  • Assess social, cultural, economic and environmental interdependence in a local and global context
  • Use the listening, viewing, speaking, reading, and writing modes of language(s) to think, learn, and communicate effectively
  • Continue to learn and to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle
  • Use the strategies and processes needed to solve a wide variety of problems, including those requiring language
  • Use a variety of technologies, demonstrate an understanding of technological applications, and apply appropriate technologies for solving problems

Specific Expectations

  • Describe the relationship between various forms of Canadian art and the culture/society in which these expressions occur
  • Understand the connection between society, culture and the various forms of artistic expression that occur in other societies around the world
  • Describe the ways in which Canadian society has been shaped by interaction with various cultures and societies around the world
  • Analyze the role of human interaction and relationships in their personal development
  • Identify potential solutions to behaviour harmful to society and others
  • Use available technologies to access information relevant to sociological concepts and theories
  • Use available technologies to present analysis and summary of sociological information to teachers and/or students
  • Analyze factors related to cultural variation
  • Analyze factors related to cultural uniformity
  • Investigate the process of cultural change