Outcome Chart - New Brunswick - Health Education Grade 4


GCO 1: Students will make responsible and informed choices to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • SCO 1.1 examine the benefits of healthy eating and physical activity for a healthy lifestyle
  • SCO 1.2 explain strategies to promote healthy growth and development
  • SCO 1.3 identify changes that occur during puberty
  • SCO 1.5 describe strategies to avoid the use of harmful substances
  • SCO 1.6 evaluate ways of minimizing risks in potentially dangerous situations

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Mental Fitness

GCO 2: Students will develop positive mental health.

  • SCO 2.1 describe a range of emotions;
  • SCO 2.2 identify strategies for regulating emotional reactions
  • SCO 2.3 recognize expression of feelings in others

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GCO 3 Students will apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to establish and maintain healthy relationships.

  • SCO 3.1 describe how appreciating diversity can positively influence relationships
  • SCO 3.2 identify the importance of communication to build and maintain friendships
  • SCO 3.3 identify the various types of bullying and appropriate strategies to resolve conflict, and
  • SCO 3.4 apply strategies to resolve conflict

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