Outcome Chart - New Brunswick - Health Education Grade 3


GCO 1: Students will make responsible and informed choices to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • SCO 1.1 recognize the importance of healthy eating and regular physical activity for a healthy lifestyle
  • SCO 1.3 describe how visible and invisible differences make each person unique and valuable
  • SCO 1.5 distinguish between helpful and harmful substances and their effects on health
  • SCO 1.6 describe behaviors and procedures that contribute to personal safety

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Mental Fitness

GCO 2: Students will develop positive mental health.

  • SCO 2.1 recognize the importance of talking about emotions;
  • SCO 2.2 demonstrate self-calming strategies to regulate emotional reactions
  • SCO 2.3 examine emotional responses and their influence on behaviour

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GCO 3 Students will apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to establish and maintain healthy relationships.

  • SCO 3.1 demonstrate acceptance and appreciation for diversity
  • SCO 3.2 identify strategies to build and enhance friendships
  • SCO 3.3 explain bullying and ways to prevent and intervene when it occurs
  • SCO 3.4 explore strategies to resolve conflict

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Career Development

GCO 4 Students will develop knowledge of self and explore the world of work.

  • SCO 4.1 explore the interests, skills, and strengths necessary to build a positive self-concept

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