Outcome Chart - British Columbia - Social Studies Grade 12 - First Nations Studies

This outcome chart contains media education learning outcomes from the British Columbia, Grade 12 Social Studies curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

It is expected that students will:

Skills and Processes

  • demonstrate the ability to think critically, including the ability to:
    • define an issue or problem
    • develop hypotheses and supporting arguments
    • gather relevant information from appropriate sources
    • assess the reliability, currency, and objectivity of evidence
    • assess the role of values, ethics, and beliefs
    • recognize cause and effect relationships and the implications of events
  • demonstrate appropriate research and oral and written presentation skills, including the ability to:
  • access and interpret material from a wide variety of primary and secondary sources, including print sources, electronic sources, and First Nations oral traditions
  • present in oral and written form
  • design, construct, compose, and perform
  • create and interpret maps
  • present and interpret data in graphic form



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