Let’s Talk TV!


The CRTC is looking for your input to help reshape the future of the Canadian television system. To add to the ongoing conversation, MediaSmarts and the Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA) are reaching out to Canadian consumers, citizens, and creators to take part in a tweet chat on Thursday, November 28 at 7pm. Join in using the hashtag #talktv and let’s discuss the future of television in Canada!

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you prefer to watch television? On a traditional TV set, online, a smartphone, or a gaming console? How about your friends and family?
  2. Do you usually watch TV programs live, on-demand, recorded on PVR, other? How does this affect the type of programs you view?
  3. Do you feel you legally have access to all the programming you want? What are the obstacles you face in getting the types of shows you want? Do you feel there is enough information about making informed choices about inappropriate programming?
  4. Is having access to Canadian TV content important to you and your family?
  5. How do you handle the risk of children viewing inappropriate content on over the top services that aren’t necessarily regulated by Canadian laws?
  6. What, if anything, do you think should be done to increase the amount of Canadian-created media in new delivery channels such as Internet TV, OTT, etc.?
  7. What would be your ideal way of accessing TV content in the future?

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