National Film Board of Canada


MediaSmarts has a very special relationship with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) going back to 1996 when Media Awareness Network (MediaSmarts’ former name) was first created. The NFB played a key role in the establishment of the organization and in its development over the years by providing financial support and participating on its Board of Directors.

Partnerships and programs we have worked with the NFB on include:

  • CRTC Discoverability Youth Summit: MediaSmarts and the NFB co-hosted the 2016 summit in Toronto in May and brought together students from across Toronto to engage in brainstorming sessions and hands-on digital literacy workshops. The Chairs of the CRTC and NFB and the Minister of Canadian Heritage participated in the activities with the students.
  • Media Literacy Week collaboration: Each year in recognition of Media Literacy Week the NFB’s Montreal and Toronto locations host hands-on production programming based on a media literacy framework.
  • Digital Literacy in Canada: From Inclusion to Transformation: This discussion paper was a response to the Government of Canada’s Digital Economy Consultation, launched in 2010. The NFB helped to fund the development of the paper, which called for federal leadership in the creation of a national digital literacy strategy.
  • Young Canadians in a Wired World: Phase II (YCWW): The NFB was an active partner in 2004, in Phase II of MediaSmarts’ ongoing YCWW research project. Its involvement included participation on the research advisory committee and hosting of the parent and youth focus groups at the Toronto NFB offices.