Tip Sheet

Taking Action: Video Games - Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet: 

In your community

  • Approach your local video store and ask the manager to:
    • separate the adult-rated violent games from the kid-friendly ones.
    • post information about the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating system.
    • have a book of video game reviews available for parents.
  • Inform parents by:


Voice Your Opinion

  • To comment on the classification or rating of a video game contact:
  • To comment on the content of video games contact:
    • the video game manufacturer - most manufacturers have toll-free numbers.
    • the Film Classification Board in your province.
    • your local Member of Parliament.
  • To comment on video-game advertising - if an adult game is being targeted at children, for example, or if an ad has offensive content - contact:
  • To encourage manufacturers to produce better games for girls send them:
    • concepts for girl-friendly games you may have developed with your kids.
  • To protest the marketing of children’s toys based on adult video games:
    • contact the manufacturers of the toys.
    • refuse to shop at toy stores that sell them.