Tableau de résultats d’apprentissage – Manitoba – Développement de carrière, planification vie-travail – 10e année (plein crédit)


Résultat d’apprentissage général (RAG) :

  • (RAG) A : Bâtir et maintenir une image de soi positive.

Résultats d’apprentissage spécifiques :

  • 1.A.4 Découvrir l’importance d’acquérir une image de soi réaliste et positive et les conséquences d’une image erronée.
  • 1.A.5 Comprendre de quelle manière une image de soi réaliste et positive contribue à l’épanouissement personnel et professionnel.

I work from home, and I think that means my kids get more sick days than the average student. It’s pretty easy for them to convince me that they need a day of rest if they have a bit of a cough or a slight fever. I admit I’m probably too easily swayed and I do tend to cave in when they look up at me with big sad eyes from where they have swooned onto the couch.

My three kids all know the password to my phone.

It’s because I rely on them to play secretary for me when I’m driving. If the phone rings or there is a bing of a text, 99% of the time it’s a member of my immediate family trying to get in touch with something relatively pressing.

Outcome Chart - Saskatchewan - Computer Science 20 (Grade 10)

Computing and Society

CS20-CS1 Explore the underlying technology of computing devices and the Internet, and their impacts on society.

  • a. Investigate how computing devices function and how the Internet allows connected devices to communicate.
  • b. Research the history of computing devices and the Internet, including key milestones and contributors
  • f. Explore the societal impacts of ubiquitous Internet access, cloud computing and connected devices.

Outcome Chart - New Brunswick - Individual and Family Dynamics 120 (Grade 9)

Personal Growth and Development

Students will identify and explore factors contributing to personal growth and development

2.2 students will gain an understanding of what influences their personal development

  • Analyze how media and role models can influence the growth and development of an individual
  • Examine cultural and social stereotyping
  • Analyze influences and evaluate strategies to enhance positive self-concept

2.3  Students will explore gender identity, gender role identity and gender stereotyping


Outcome Chart - New Brunswick - Goals, Growth and Grit: Skills for Success 120 (Grade 9)

Goals, Growth, and Grit: Skills for Success 120 will provide students with skills in three main areas - positive and productive mindsets and behaviours, organizational patterns, as well as functional and critical literacy. Within the broad learning expectations of the course, specific success skills, strategies, and practices will be explored. Students will be supported to apply and transfer these skills, strategies, and practices to other courses and real-life situations. Students will learn how these support postgraduate pursuits

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