In a house full of Lego, board games, basketballs and sidewalk chalk, it’s amazing how quickly boredom can set in. The magical screen seems to fix all – it’s like a siren song, constantly calling them, beckoning them with its flickering blue light.

Outcome Chart - Manitoba - ICT Across the Curriculum 9-12

Health and Safety Guidelines

Overall Expectations

Health Guidelines

Specific Expectations

Physical Health

recognizes possible health issues and takes measures to prevent injuries while using technology (e.g., considers ergonomic factors, screen time, physical inactivity, sleep habits, eye strain, distracted behaviour, repetitive stress injury)


Outcome Chart - Manitoba - Desktop Publishing 35S

Common Outcomes

Students will…

3. Assess textual, numerical, aural, and visual information, as well as the source of the media, to determine context, perspective, bias, and/or motive. (G-3.2)

4. Self-assess ICT representations and go beyond established criteria by enhancing meaning and/or artistry, according to topic, audience, purpose, and occasion. (Pr-3.2)

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