When screens started being part of our daily lives – not just for work, but for entertainment, communication, and news – we parents had to do some serious thinking. What would the rules be? How would we govern these new devices? What were the best choices?

Quick, easy strategies can keep false news from spreading

News You Can Use – tip sheet

Online news is one of the hardest things to verify. Sometimes early reports that turn out not to be true still circulate on the Internet, and people may spread false reports for commercial or malicious reasons, or even just for “fun.”

When satirical late-night host Stephen Colbert coined the term “truthiness” in 2005 – to describe how emotions can sometimes outweigh facts in what we want to believe – little did he know that this would be the harbinger of one of the biggest challenges of the digital age: knowing how to separate truth from fiction in the information we encounter online.

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