Public Service Announcements and Videos

Using the media themselves is one of the most effective ways to deliver this message.

Thanks to our sponsors, MediaSmarts is doing just that. So whether you’re watching television or cruising the Internet, chances are you’ll come across a MediaSmarts public service announcement (PSA). But while you’re here, why not enjoy a preview.

Media Minutes

MediaSmarts and Concerned Children’s Advertisers (CCA) have launched a 6-part series of “media minutes,” short videos that deal with key concepts of media literacy.

Cyberbullying is Still Bullying Campaign

These posters are freely available to print and hang in your schools, in libraries, or community centres. A huge thank you goes out to photographer Philip Rostron of Instil Productions Inc and Ogilvy One for donating their time and energy to this great campaign.

English poster 11”x17” (PDF 2.54 MB)
French poster 11”x17” (PDF 2.55 MB)

English poster 8.5”x11” (PDF 1.89 MB)
French poster 8.5”x11” (PDF 1.84 MB)