Lesson Plan

Tobacco Advertising in Canada - Lesson

Lesson Plan

Level: Grades 8 to 10

Author: MediaSmarts


In this lesson, students explore the ways in which tobacco products are marketed in Canada. The lesson begins with a class discussion about the ways in which tobacco products are promoted in Canadian society. Students then discuss Canadian law as it pertains to tobacco advertising and debate whether or not the government has been successful in restricting the promotion of tobacco products. Students explore the ways in which tobacco companies use sponsorship, promotions, retail displays, awards, clothing and collectibles as a way to reach consumers - despite advertising restrictions. Students also discuss which of these strategies are most likely to influence teens, and the relationship between advertising and other factors that may contribute to smoking. The lesson concludes with a neighborhood ‘tobacco audit’ conducted by students to determine whether or not tobacco is promoted locally.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate:

  • an awareness of the strategies uses by tobacco advertisers to engage customers and specific target groups
  • an understanding of Canadian laws relating to tobacco advertising
  • an awareness of the challenges in enforcing Canadian legislation that prohibits tobacco advertising

This lesson and all associated documents (handouts, overheads, backgrounders) is available in an easy-print, pdf kit version.

Lesson Kit: