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Jo Cool Jo FoolThis online lesson in Web literacy for students in Grades 6 to 8 is comprised of two flash animation modules: the Jo Cool/Jo Fool CyberTour and the Jo Cool/Jo Fool CyberQuiz.

In the CyberTour, students accompany Josie and Joseph Cool (our two “Jos”) as they visit twelve of their favourite Web sites. At each site, students must decide whether the Jos are making the right decisions. (Each scenario represents specific issues and challenges faced by kids when they surf the World Wide Web.)

These situations are intended as springboards to help kids surf wisely and begin to think critically about online privacy, online marketing, responsible Internet use, authenticating online resources and Internet safety.

For each scenario, students are asked to consider some key questions:

  • What kind of Web site is this? What is its purpose: To inform? To sell? To entertain? To persuade?
  • Is it a commercial Web site? A personal home page? An educational site? How can students tell?
  • What decision does Jo have to make?
  • What should Jo look out for? What should he or she take into account before acting?
  • What’s the “big picture” here? Is this a privacy or safety issue? A matter of authentication? Does this relate to good citizenship online?
  • Does Jo make the right decision? Why or why not?

Students can write their answers in media journals and compare them with classmates after viewing each of the Web scenarios, or when the entire module has been completed.

The CyberTour is followed by a 20-question multiple-choice CyberQuiz that reinforces the lessons that have been learned. It’s recommended that students complete the CyberTour before beginning the quiz.

At least two periods will be needed in order for students to complete both online activities.

The Jo Cool/Jo Fool module is supported by a 50-page Teacher’s Guide (available in PDF format). In this guide, the Web scenarios have been categorized according to the Internet issues they raise – authenticating online information, online safety, privacy and marketing, and responsible Internet use. Each section contains background information on the issue; links to summaries, questions and activities for related Jo Cool online scenarios; and links to additional resources on the MediaSmarts website. The Teacher’s Guide also includes a print version of the CyberQuiz and accompanying answer sheet.

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