Jo Cool or Jo Fool Teacher's Guide



Welcome to the Teacher’s Guide for Jo Cool or Jo Fool, a tongue-in-cheek online module where students rate the decisions made by the brother and sister team of Joseph and Josie Cool as they encounter opportunities online, and learn a bit about safe and savvy surfing in the process.

The Jo’s adventures on the Net are based on real online experiences encountered by kids and teens. Each scenario represents specific issues and challenges that kids face when they surf the World Wide Web. The situations are intended as springboards to help kids surf wisely and begin to think critically about online privacy, online marketing, responsible Internet use, authenticating online resources and Internet safety.

As kids visit each of Joseph and Josie’s bookmarked Web sites, they are asked whether the Jo’s are making wise decisions. Students can write answers in media journals and compare them with classmates after viewing each of the Web scenarios, or when the entire module has been completed.