Outcome Chart - Ontario - Arts Education Grade 6

Visual Arts

Overall Expectations

Reflecting, Responding and Analysing

Specific Expectations

Demonstrate an understanding of how to read and interpret signs, symbols, and style in art works (e.g., symbolism for sending messages and telling stories in Egyptian hieroglyphs, Agawa rock paintings, or graffiti art; symbols on currency or in advertisements that have specific national or other connotations; meanings associated with colour in different cultures [white dresses symbolize purity in Western culture but mourning and death in some Asian cultures])

MediaSmarts Resources

Comic Book Characters

Female Action Heroes

Looks Good Enough to Eat

The Anatomy of Cool

Tobacco Labels

TV Stereotypes

Villains, Heroes and Heroines

Pay for Play

Avatars and Body Image

Introduction to Cyberbullying: Avatars and Identity