Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Information and Communication Technology Integration Primary-3

Overall Expectations

Basic Operations and Concepts

Social, Ethical, and Human Issues


Research, Problem Solving, and Decision Making (RPSD)

Specific Expectations

By the end of grade 3, students will be expected to

  • safely use school media, computer equipment, and software to support their learning, with direct teacher assistance when required
  • safely exchange electronic mail and attachments with students and others selected by the teacher for curriculum research and communication purposes, with teacher assistance
  • understand and use basic terminology related to the information and communication
  • technology (ICT) they are using at their current grade level
  • work collaboratively with teachers to develop responsibility for their personal safety while
  • using ICT
  • respond personally and with developing critical awareness to a range of print, media, and electronic resources
  • begin to identify the values and points of view of resources as they select them for use
  • include in their own work the copyrighted materials of others only when permission to do so has been received, with teacher or library staff assistance
  • use information and communication technology to correspond and collaborate; and to research and share their ideas with others, with teacher assistance
  • select and use information and communication technology resources in addition to paper
  • and print-based learning materials, with teacher assistance
  • begin to explore and use a range of investigative strategies and technology to create, consider, and communicate their ideas for various purposes and audiences
  • locate relevant information by using the appropriate organizational features of and search strategies applicable to books, other print, audio CDs, videos, computer software, multimedia, and the Internet, with teacher assistance
  • complete short, clearly defined research tasks, assessing information selected from several sources beyond paper and print-based media, with teacher assistance


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