Outcome Chart - Alberta - Social Studies 23 - Grade 11

This outcome chart contains Media literacy learning expectations from the Alberta social studies curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

Citizenship in Canada

The political processes are influenced by a variety of groups in the community

  • Examine how television and other media are used to create images, communicate demands, disseminate policies and ideas

Rights and responsibilities are associated with citizenship
Examine rights (individual and collective) in Canadian society:

  • human
  • civil
  • legal
  • minority
  • economic
  • cultural
  • language
  • political



Cyberbullying and Civic Participation

Making Media for Democratic Citizenship

Suffragettes and Iron Ladies


Parents’ Guide to Cyberbullying

Student Tutorial (Licensed Resource)

MyWorld: A digital literacy tutorial for secondary students  

 The Development of the Modern World

Industrialization continues to be a major force

Select at least one example of the impact of industrialization on today’s world; e.g.:

  • effects of new technology; e.g., computers

Lessons that meet Social Studies 23  expectations

Broadcasting Codes - Lesson

Challenging Hate - Lesson

Free Speech Versus the Internet - Lesson

How to Analyze the News - Lesson

Hype! - Lesson

Individuality vs. Conformity – Lesson

Marketing to Teens: Introduction - Lesson

Political Cartoons - Lesson

The Privacy Dilemma

Challenges in the Global Environment

Differing perspectives and approaches may be used to improve quality of life

Choose examples of possible strategies that individuals or groups may take to improve quality of life, e.g.:

  • use of technology
  • consumer awareness