MediaSmarts was honoured to have Facebook join as a Gold sponsor in 2015 after supporting significant digital literacy initiatives and events in 2014.

In addition to its financial support we are delighted to have Facebook represented on our Board of Directors.

Facebook and MediaSmarts partnerships include:


  • Reality Check: With funding from Facebook, MediaSmarts is developing an extensive program on misinformation and false news. The Reality Check program will comprise a series of public awareness videos, interactive missions, tip sheets, new web sections and lessons to help people build their authentication skills online. The program was launched in 2017 with the release of the first video and tip sheet: News You Can Use.
  • How to recognize false content online – the new 5 Ws - tip sheet: Launched in 2017 in partnership with Facebook, this tip sheet focuses on what individuals can do to recognize false content online. Based on the classic 5 Ws, What, Why, Who, When and Where, these tips will help keep hoaxes and false news from spreading.
  • Be Respectful, Patient and Kind: How youth are building a better world online During the 2015 Digital Youth Summit, MediaSmarts held a Speakers Corner and asked teens for tips on what they do to make the online world better for everyone. Their insightful responses helped us create this tip sheet in 2016.
  • Digital Youth Summit 2015: With funding from Facebook, MediaSmarts and the Information and Communications Technology Council hosted a National Digital Youth Summit to hear directly from Canadian students about the topic of digital skills for life and work.
  • Think Before You Share Guide: Funded by Facebook in 2014 and available on the Facebook Family Safety Center and on MediaSmarts’ website, this tip sheet gives youth the tools they need to share safely, wisely and ethically when it comes to their  thoughts, photos or their latest favourite video. In 2015, Facebook funded the translation of the Think Before You Share Guide into three aboriginal languages: Ojibwe, Cree and Inuktitut. In 2016, MediaSmarts provided digital literacy materials for 7,500 refurbished computers donated to Syrian refugees in Canada. The final packages included several of MediaSmarts’ resources in English, French, and Arabic, including the Think Before You Share Guide.
  • Media Literacy Week sponsorship: Facebook, under its Instagram brand, has supported this national, annual event since 2014.