BellBell has been a long-standing, valued supporter of MediaSmarts’ work since the beginning: in 1996 when we were created as Media Awareness Network, Bell was there as a Founding Sponsor. In 2014, Bell increased its annual donation to a Gold level while awarding MediaSmarts a tangible benefits package worth $1.4 million over seven years. Bell has also played an important role in helping MediaSmarts achieve its mission through its long-time participation on our Board of Directors.

Over the years Bell has shown leadership in Internet safety education by supporting Internet safety programs for parents and communities. We are proud to have been a partner with Bell in many important initiatives in the past, and we continue to work with Bell on new programs and resources for Canadian families.

Bell and MediaSmarts partnerships include:

  • Media Literacy Week sponsorship: Bell has supported this national initiative annually since its inauguration in 2007.
  • Respecting Yourself and Others Online workshop: In 2015, with financial contributions from Bell, MediaSmarts created this workshop and supporting guide to provide tweens and young teens with strategies and knowledge that will help them respect themselves, respect others and respect the space when using social media.
  • The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids workshop and video series: Launched in 2015, with funding from Bell, MediaSmarts created this workshop, guide and series of videos to help parents better understand how their kids are using social networking and to provide them with tips and tools they can use to help them minimize negative experiences and maximize the positive opportunities that social media has to offer.
  • Parenting the Digital Generation workshop: In 2011, Bell funded the development of this free parenting workshop to help parents better understand and manage their family’s Internet use.
  • E-Parenting Tutorial: Keeping up with your kids’ online activities: Launched in 2009 with Bell’s support, this interactive online tutorial features Alice, a witty and cyber-savvy mom, who takes parents on a tour of the Web.
  • Parenting the Net Generation: From 2006 to 2007, Bell funded a Canada-wide program in partnership with the Canadian Home and School Federation. The program made MediaSmarts’ Internet safety workshop Parenting the Net Generation available at no cost to every parent-based school council in the country.
  • Be Web Aware website: In 2010, Bell funded the redesign and updating of this authoritative Internet safety resource for parents. The website is part of a public awareness campaign originally launched in 2004 in partnership with Bell and Microsoft Canada. The Be Web Aware campaign consisted of the website for parents and public service announcements in broadcast and print media.
  • Web Awareness Day: In 2003 and 2004, Bell joined with MediaSmarts and the Canadian Library Association to promote a Web Awareness Day in Canadian libraries. The purpose of the national event was to draw attention to the important role of public libraries in helping children become safe, wise and responsible Internet users.